Tips for choosing good catering services

Whether it’s a corporate dinner or a big wedding, what are the rules of service for caterers? Are the customers left or right? Should we serve the dishes in a buffet or is it the customer to do it? Should we prepare the dishes or does it belong to someone else? Do you cover up and how? Should coffee or tea be served before or after the meal? Who should take out the trash?

The restaurant industry can be intimidating, especially when you’re new and not familiar with the rules, but it’s also very rewarding. In catering services, most staff members are interesting, jovial and open. The good corporate catering services are made for open people, and provide a glimpse of social evenings while earning a living. It is flexible work, but very physically tiring.

Catering services: servers in contact with customers, chefs and managers

In catering services, servers and chefs work behind the scenes to assemble all the dishes that will be the final product. Servers are those who interact with customers at events, but they can also help with the preparation of the event. The chefs are responsible for designing menus, preparing dishes, setting up tables or buffets and above all, ensuring that everyone leaves satiated. All caterers are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the event, but usually a manager is present, he travels, talks with customers and inquires about their needs before starting the event.

Tips to choose excellent florist Singapore

The cut flowers are delicate and require special care. Most bouquets last a minimum of one week or more, depending on the flowers used and the care they receive. Take care of bouquets upon receipt. Here are some tips to take care of your beloved bouquet from excellent florist Singapore.

  1. Cut the bevel stems well before putting the flowers in the water
  2. Cut the stems with a knife and bevel every 2 days, adding water.
  3. Put sugar in the water for hollow-stemmed flowers like Amaryllis, Freesias, Anemones, Ranunculi
  4. In the evening, put the flowers in a cool place
  5. Never cut hollow stems with secateurs but with a knife
  6. Do not put too much water to bulbous flowers (Tulips, Buttercups)
  7. Eliminate all leaves in contact with water, their decomposition could lead to the formation of bacteria that would fade your bouquet faster.
  8. To prolong the vase life of lilac branches or other woody shrubs, crush the base of the stems with a hammer before immersing them in water. This crushing favors the absorption of water.


  1. Do not expose exotic flowers to cold and drafts.
  2. Cut the tips of the gladiolas so that they bloom to the top.


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