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Logistics represents all the activities aimed at making available, at the least cost, a quantity of products, at the place and when the demand exists.

We distinguish different sets contributing to the overall organization of logistics. But, of course, the logistician is most often involved at only one level of the supply chain, either upstream (manufacturing or transport systems) or downstream (distribution and support). Each professional strives to have a global vision of the company, even if he does not manage all the operations. It is surely the time to choose the best truck loads.

Logistics of manufacturing systems

This is the supply management of raw materials or semi-finished products for manufacturing.

Transport logistics

In this case, the routes and modes of routing of the products are determined. The management of “transit”,ie computerized and robotic handling is the responsibility of the logistician. It organizes the systems of sorting and distribution of goods. In the case of multimodal transport, which is neither more nor less than the use of several modes of transport on a single path, it makes sure to limit the breaking of load.

Distribution logistics

At this stage, we define the least expensive circuits and the most suitable for the products that we want to circulate. The packaging, the packaging of the goods, the management of the handling, the storage and the delivery to the customer are the operations that the logistician organizes.

CBRE’s Industry and Logistics team provides top-notch advice to the world’s largest investors and developers, with a track record demonstrating maximum return for a minimum of risk. Combining these skills with leading market research and data, we offer an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of investor and developer services in the industry and logistics industry.

Whether you are a developer seeking advice on site acquisition or selection of suitable tenants, or an investor seeking to raise equity or buy and resell industrial assets, CBRE has the local and transversal expertise to offer you complete logistics solutions.

A collective approach

Our Industrial Capital Markets and Logistics team works closely with our local logistics experts and our Agency team to implement your capital markets strategies through an effective and collective approach. We rely on a lot of information and prospects with high added value for the good of our customers.

  • Disposals and acquisitions of assets and investment portfolios
  • Marketing ability at the local, continental or global level
  • Global Clean Fundraising Platform
  • Creation of funds / instruments
  • Strategic structuring of joint ventures
  • Business Acquisition Consulting
  • Strategy and business consulting
  • Financing developments
  • Restructuring of debts and portfolios; loan sourcing
  • Structuring of sales and leasing
  • Public and private financing

Ratings and ratings of investments

Thanks to our international expertise in the industry and logistics sector, we offer our developer clients a unique platform to market their assets so they get unmatched visibility with tenants on local, national and international networks. We also integrate our perspectives and expertise at all stages, from site selection to acquisition and development. Based on our standards and operations with a truly international dimension, our team will ensure that you get all the advice and guarantee elements you are looking for to maximize your land development and real estate development goals.

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