Best Support from the Interstate Capital Now for the Companies

It would seem a simple question at first glance, and the answer might be trivial: go and get it. But not everything is so simple – especially now. The economic situation and the level of liquidity in the banking system are such that it is not easy to take a loan from a bank today. Nevertheless, there are options.

General advice

First – carefully think about the question: Do you need a loan? Do you intend to borrow money to spend money on something? In my opinion, the only reasonable purchase of “debt” is the acquisition of housing – that is, I am talking about a mortgage. Why justified? because to save up for an apartment in our country the average citizen is practically not realistic – property prices are growing faster than salaries. With the support of the Interstate Capital’s factoring invoices you can proceed without much complication.

All other purchases: cars, gadgets, appliances, a tourist trip – will hardly be justified. Compare the option “buy on credit and overpay interest” with the alternative “first save, and then spend”.

  • In fact, to save, and then spend – this is a very good way in all senses. First, the accumulation process creates self-discipline in financial management: planned to postpone every month for 1000 rubles – hold on to the plan – the ability to properly manage your own income will be very useful in the future.
  • Secondly, in the presence of an accumulation plan, the “necessity” to make “ill-considered purchases” immediately (for example, “oh, what shoes for sale … I want them …Moreover, such a price – when I buy such shoes for such a money”.
  • Thirdly, in the presence of the goal to buy a “well-needed thing”, in addition to cutting unnecessary expenses, brain activity is included to receive additional earnings (in addition to “everything that has been saved, that’s earned”).
  • Fourth, you need to save money not at home “in a jar”, but open a deposit with the possibility of replenishment – unlike a loan, you will not pay interest to the bank, and he to you. Do not forget, by the way, include interest on the contribution to the financial plan of accumulation – this is your additional income.
  • The fifth – the emotional component is self-esteem – yes, I now have this “trinket”, but I myself! Earned – saved up – and – bought it! To contrive and take a bank loan, so that you can pay interest even later…

Well, and finally, in the current economic situation, to apply for borrowed funds for a serious purchase makes sense to the organization in which you had a deposit where you saved money for a purchase. When considering an application, your contribution history will certainly be analyzed and on its basis an additional plus will be formed to a positive decision on the provision of the service.


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