A Perfect Support from the Best Factoring Option

Factoring companies offer their customers, through the assignment of receivables, services related to the recovery of customer credit which is articulated around three main axes:

  • financing on the basis of receivables
  • insurance against unpaid bills
  • customer management

These services are intended for both B2B and B2C customers, large corporates or SMEs or even small businesses.

Factoring, a short-term mode of financing with added value

With the knowledge of their clients’ businesses, the factors thus offer companies complete and adjusted services around the management of debt recovery, allowing them to focus on their core business. In a constant search for broadening their customer base and developing high added value services, factoring companies have developed innovative offerings that are listed or related to their core business such as:

Invoiced factoring: unlike traditional factoring solutions, this product is underwritten by the debtor customer, wishing to offer cash payment clauses to its suppliers against advantageous settlement conditions (eg settlement discount). The debtor customer can then negotiate payment terms with his factoring company. This fast-growing mode of financing is encouraged by the current environment marked notably by a decrease in visibility on the payment periods and the implementation of the law of modernization of the economy. For the factoring loans this is a very important matter now.

Export factoring: to overcome the difficulties related to international debt recovery (collection methods, interbank communication, cultural differences, etc.), factoring companies offer export factoring services based either on a network locally or piloted from the supplier’s country.

Offer for SMEs and small businesses: Anxious to open the market to millions of SMEs, factoring companies has developed solutions designed for structures with a relatively modest turnover. Among the many initiatives, the company has distinguished itself by promoting access to this product through its site jefinancemapme.com supported by OSEO and CGPME, offering quotes at click.

As an alternative solution to conventional short-term financing methods such as discounting, cashlessness, overdraft or financing, factoring offers businesses a flexible and inexpensive solution with multiple interests:

  • Source of short-term financing at moderate cost (financing fees are often indexed on 3-month bank rates increased from 20 to 300 basis points depending on the client’s typology)
  • Mastering payment deadlines, without burdening its trading partners
  • Decrease in recovery costs, converted from fixed cost to variable cost (through factoring commission)

Reducing the risk of non-payment in a flexible way

Possibility to subscribe to value-added services such as legal tools, commercial, international recovery facilities, inventory financing.

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