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4 things to remember while choosing a outdoor wedding venue

Have you two planned to get hitched in an outdoor venue? While traditional wedding chapels are a timeless beauty, outdoor venues command a unique allure of their own. Who needs artificial decorations when you can have spectacular sunsets or gushing waves or lush greens at the backdrop? However, choosing the perfect outdoor wedding venue involves certain key considerations. The post below discusses the top 4 things to remember for your homework here.

Mind the weather

There are different natural settings for outdoor weddings. While beach weddings are the most popular, majestic woodlands around private villas and lake-side wedding venues are amazing too. But, you must mind the weather while choosing a natural setting. For example,   if your wedding falls on summer, a beach venue is possibly the best option. On the other hand, rainy season is not exactly the time for outdoor weddings. Do you have a wedding in Cornwall? Then try a wedding photographer in Cornwall.

Strong reputation

Outdoor wedding is different from indoor ones and not all venues are equipped for a flawless outdoor celebration. Make sure to settle with a highly reputed name, backed by long list of happy married couples. It’s great if your chosen venue is an award-winning setting such as Newton Hall, a wedding venue Northumberland. The winners of Best Wedding Venue in the 2017 North East & Yorkshire Wedding Industry Awards, Newton Hall specialises in outdoor weddings. The venue has got a perfect backdrop for a dream beach wedding, complemented by retro-style beach huts, champagne barbecue, sumptuous elaborate delicacies and premier service.

Clean and pest-free surrounds

Nothing can be worse than a pack of black flies spoiling the mood while you say “I do” to your beloved. But such possibilities cannot be ruled out if you are planning a wedding outdoors. Thus, be careful to choose a meticulously maintained outdoor wedding venue which can assure you a safe and pest-free environment. It’s better to take a tour of the place physically before you give the final nod.

Accommodation for couple & guests

If you are planning for a destination outdoor wedding, you will be flying off to the place with your guests at least 2 days in advance of the ceremony. Thus, make sure beforehand your chosen outdoor wedding venue offers adequate and proper accommodation for couples and guests. In fact, it’s more economical to book the accommodation of the outdoor venue compared to putting up in a separate hotel. Also, after the ceremony and hours of dancing, you two will be too tired to drive to another location.

You should also be careful about the different facilities of the venue while choosing the setting. Make sure the venue has got sufficient restrooms in close proximity to the celebration ground, a safe & even aisle and adequate seating arrangements for your full list of guests.

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